Name : Shri Subhash Chandra Garg
Identity No. : 01RJ023700
Service/ Cadre/ Allotment Year : Indian Administrative Service / Rajasthan / 1983
Source of Recruitment : Direct Recruitment
Date of Birth : 16/10/1960
Gender : Male
Place of Domicile : Rajasthan
Mother Tongue : Hindi
Languages Known : English Hindi
Retirement Reason : Retired voluntarily
II. Details of Central Deputation
A. 1. Whether Presently on deputation to GOI ?Yes
    2. Date of Start of Central Deputation10/09/2014
    3. Expiry Date of tenure of Central Deputation31/10/2019
    4. Tenure TypeNormal tenure
B. If in Cadre, date of reversion from Central Deputation, if any
C. Whether debarred from Central Deputation--
    If so, period of debarment--
III. Educational Qualifications.
1B.Com.Cost AcctFirst
2C.S.Company Mgt.First
IV. Experience Details
M/o PowerCentrePower / Energy26/07/2019 - 31/10/2019Forenoon
M/o Finance
D/o Economic Affairs
CentreEconomic Affairs / Finance21/06/2017 - 25/07/2019
3Executive Dir
Additional Secretary Equivalent
M/o FinanceCentre (Foreign Posting) / 10/09/2014 - 21/06/2017
Additional Secretary
Cadre (AIS) / N.Applicable/N.Available21/12/2013 - 10/09/2014
5Additional Secy
Additional Secretary
Cabinet SecttCentreCabinet Affairs / Personnel & General Admn02/07/2013 - 20/12/2013
6Jt Secy
Joint Secretary
Cabinet SecttCentreCabinet Affairs / Personnel & General Admn01/02/2012 - 01/07/2013
7Jt Secy
Joint Secretary
M/o Agriculture
D/o Agriculture & Cooperation
CentreAgriculture / Agriculture & Cooperation28/08/2009 - 31/01/2012
8Commissioner (Investment & NRIs)
Additional Secretary
Economic Policy & Reforms Cl (EPRC)
Cadre (AIS)Financial Mgmt / Finance13/12/2008 - 28/08/2009
9Principal Secy
Additional Secretary
Finance DepttCadre (AIS)Finance / Finance16/04/2008 - 13/12/2008
10Secy (Finance)
Joint Secretary
Finance DepttCadre (AIS)Finance / Finance29/04/2006 - 16/04/2008
11Principal Consultant
Joint Secretary
Cadre (Deputation under Rule 6(2)(ii) / N.Applicable/N.Available01/07/2005 - 29/04/2006
Joint Secretary
Cadre (AIS) / N.Applicable/N.Available28/05/2005 - 01/07/2005
13Jt Secy
Joint Secretary
M/o Finance & Company Affairs
D/o Expenditure
CentreExpenditure / Finance25/09/2003 - 28/05/2005
M/o Finance & Company Affairs
D/o Economic Affairs
CentreEconomic Affairs / Finance29/05/2000 - 25/09/2003
15Spl Secy
Cadre (AIS)Power / Energy01/01/1999 - 29/05/2000
JaipurCadre (AIS)Education / Human Resource Dev01/08/1998 - 01/01/1999
17Spl Secy
Cadre (AIS)Education / Human Resource Dev01/05/1997 - 01/08/1998
Deputy Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Finance / Finance01/08/1995 - 01/05/1997
19Managing Director
Deputy Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Road Transport / Transport01/06/1995 - 01/07/1995
Deputy Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Agriculture / Agriculture & Cooperation01/06/1994 - 01/07/1995
Deputy Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Finance / Finance01/08/1993 - 01/06/1994
22Collector & D M
Deputy Secretary
RajsamandCadre (AIS)District Admn / Land Revenue Mgmt & District Admn01/07/1992 - 01/08/1993
23Managing Director
Under Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Cooperatives / Agriculture & Cooperation01/01/1991 - 01/07/1992
24Chief Executive
Under Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Cooperatives / Agriculture & Cooperation01/08/1989 - 01/01/1991
25C E O
Under Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Rural Development / Rural Dev01/12/1988 - 01/08/1989
26Additional Collector
Under Secretary
Cadre (AIS)Development Admn / Land Revenue Mgmt & District Admn01/07/1987 - 01/12/1988
27S D O
Junior Scale
Cadre (AIS)Sub Divisional Admn / Land Revenue Mgmt & District Admn01/08/1985 - 01/07/1987
V. Mid Career Training Details
S.No.YearTraining NameDate FromDate To
12011Mid Career Programme for IAS Officers - Phase V09/10/201111/11/2011
VI. In-Service Training Details
S.No.YearTraining NameInstituteCityDuration (Weeks)
11987-1988MIS & Computer Appl. in Govt Level-ICMC1
21988-1989Industrial Policy Planning and Dev.Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad 1
31989-1990Mgmt. of State Enterprises Level IIndian Institute of Management Calcutta Calcutta 1
41990-1991JUNIOR GROUP 1980-83 BATCHESDr. MCR HRD Institute of Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad 3
51995-1996Middle Level - 1979- 85 BatchesNational Institute of Rural Development Hyderabad 3
61997-1998Inter-Government Fin ancial RelationsNIPFP1
72001-2002WTO & the New Trade RegimeAdministrative Staff College of IndiaHyderabad1
82009-2010WTO & New Trade RegimeIndian Institute of Foreign TradeNew Delhi1
VII. Domestic Training Details
VIII. Foreign Training Details
Debarment From Foreign Training
1. Whether Debarred from Foreign Training ?No
2. If so , Period of debarment
VII. Awards / Publications.
S.No.TypeAreaYearAward Name / Book TitleAwards Given by / Publisher's NameSubjectLevel
1Award/ ArticleOthers2006Transformation of Central Grants to State-Growing Conditionalities and by-passing state Budget.Economic and Political Weekly December, 2006.Planning & Prog ImplementationNational Level
2Publication/ ArticleOthers2006Reforming State Expenditure.Business Standard.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
3Publication/ ArticleArticles2006Changing Paradigm of States - BorrowingBusiness Standard.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
4Publication/ ArticleArticles2006Cost of low cost loans.Business Standard.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
5Publication/ ArticleArticles2006Reforming messy state of grants in India.Business Standard.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
6Publication/ ArticleArticles2005Financial Urban Infrastructure.Financing Cities - published by World Bank in 2007.FinanceInternational Level
7Publication/ ArticleArticles2005Small Savings-risk to state finance.Economic Times.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
8AwardOthers1991Merit Certificate.Government of Rajasthan.N.Applicable/N.AvailableState Level
9AwardOthers1990Gold MedalInstitute of Company Secretaries of India.N.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level
10AwardOthers1982Silver MedalInstitute of Cost & Works Accountants of IndiaN.Applicable/N.AvailableNational Level